Alpine Coaster vs. Alpine Slide; A Day In Park City, Utah

Alpine Coaster vs. Alpine Slide; A Day In Park City, Utah

Here’s everything you need to know about the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster in Park City, Utah!

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After a few hours of work, we had the impromptu idea to drive the 50 mins to Park City to test the famous Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster in Park City after picking Whit up from school. We hurriedly dressed in warmer clothes, grabbed extra jackets, snacks, and cameras and made it to his school just in time for him to only be the second to last child picked up! Parenting Fail.

When Whit got into the car he immediately asked, “What adventure are we going on today?” I love that kid.


Park City Mountain Resort

The Park City Mountain Resort is the main reason tourists and visitors flock to Park City at all seasons of the year.

The gorgeous mountains offer world-class snow in the winter months for snowboarding and skiing. The same mountains are a favorite for mountain bikers in dryer months.

The resort complex also features shops, restaurants, classes, and is continually adding to a play zone at the base of the mountain.

The Park City Mountain Resort also has a play zone which features a mini golf course, playground, rock climbing wall, trampoline high jump,  and, of course, the now famous Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster (two of the longest rides in the world.)

After years of hearing about the incredible Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster, we decided we were finally ready to fork over the dough to put the matter to rest: Are the rides really worth it, and which is better?


The Alpine Coaster at Park City

For $25/ person (over 52″ tall) and $10/ passenger (between 42″ and 52″ tall) we rode the Alpine Coaster.

An employee gave us a very thorough explanation before we set off on the Alpine Coaster. He explained that the car has hand brakes, but that we shouldn’t use them. They space each car 80′ apart, but if the car in front were to use their brakes too often the car in back could catch up and create a dangerous bumper cars situation.

I was hesitant to leave the car at full-force with just a 3-point seat belt, but the attendant also made a clear point that, though it may feel as if you’re riding out of control, the cars have never run off the track.

Ummmm…. thanks? 

The ride up to the top of the mountain was as enjoyable to me as the race down, to be honest. I enjoy the solitary beauty of nature, and this was an unexpected opportunity to relax and unwind.

Over the course of 5 minutes my car was automatically brought through a narrow clearing of Alpine trees that had just started to turn colors. The air was crisp on this late September day but the sun was high and warm, creating 5 minutes of comfort and beauty. Thanks, Park City!

It didn’t matter that my head was in the clouds- an attendant at the apex of the ride was available to warn me to pull my hand brakes down (releasing them) when the time was right.

At that moment 2 minutes of insanity broke out.

The track circled and re-doubled on itself to make the ride down last longer, and the twists and turns tended to feel a bit unsafe. I perpetually felt that I would derail, and repeated the many assurances of safety from the attendants to myself.

I really enjoyed it, though! Neverless, I’m sure there are Adidas-shaped imprints on the foot holds of my car!

The Alpine Slide at Park City

We had to wander the (sort of boring. Sorry for saying.) Park City resort for over an hour waiting for the Alpine Slide to sufficiently dry off from a recent rain. Once given the ok, we brought our Alpine Coaster ticket receipt to the ticket counter and adjusted it to become a Double Combo Pass.

This made the additional ride only $8/ person ($17 if you only ride the Slide.)  

You take a chair lift to the top of the Alpine Slide area, which was beautiful and relaxing (though I prefer the slow ascent of the Alpine Coaster).

Once at the top attendants instruct you to pick up a yellow plastic sled to roll to the Alpine Slide entrance. The walk is more uncomfortable than expected, since the sled wheels aren’t amazing.

Another attendant showed us how to put the sled on the slide and explained how to use the hand brake. As opposed to the Alpine Coaster, the Alpine Slide has only narrow edges and no guard rails so riders are encouraged to be more careful and use the brake liberally at their discretion, since someone derails “at least once a day.”

Well… That got my attention! Ben and Whit were more comfortable going fast, but I was not interested in derailing so I chose to take my time. Hey, I still had fun!

So which is better: Alpine Slide or Alpine Coaster?

For me, the winner was obvious: The Alpine Coaster. 

I loved the solitary, scenic ascent, and the ease and thrill of coasting down as fast as possible.

The Alpine Slide, however, required a more uncomfortable walk to the top, and the admonition to use my hand brake lest I fall out made me too nervous to enjoy myself as fully.

For the same reasons Ben and Whit actually preferred the Alpine Slide; they liked being in control and the danger of potentially falling. Boys!

Have you been? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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*Our trip to Park City to ride the Alpine Coaster and Alpine Slide was NOT sponsored by the Park City Mountain Resort. We paid for our tickets and all opinions are our own.* 


  1. What a cool family adventure! We would love to something like this, we don’t really have anything in Sydney like it though. My little guy always asks “What adventure are we doing today” too, so sweet.

  2. I’ve never done either of these, but we have alpine slides up in the mountains here in CO. You’re review makes me want to go as soon as summer rolls around again!

  3. Whoa! I had no idea this even existed! I’ve spent very little time in Utah. Mostly just while driving through on a cross country move. But if we ever go back for an actual vacay I’d totally check this out! So cool!

  4. Utah is a beautiful place. I always wanted to visit this. Alphine coasters sound wonderful. I love all kind of rides. This is a great way to feel the adrenaline and enjoy the nature.

  5. this looks so cool! we would definitely choose the coaster over the slide too! can you imagine going through their with a fresh snow fall all around you!?

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