Ultimate Hawaiian Relaxation In Big Island Hot Springs

Outdoor bath tubs Big Island Hot Springs

We spent a lot of our time on the Big Island of Hawai’i in the rain. Cold. And hiking. Sore.

We went to some Big Island hot springs right after biking and hiking to the active lava flow area of Volcano National Park. It was a really exciting, exhilarating day, which also means I was due for an emotional crash. That’s the life of an extroverted introvert- I love doing exciting, new things, but I really need to retreat and regenerate afterwards!

Our evening at the hot springs was one I had been looking forward to, but didn’t realize quite how much I needed it after 3 days of hiking, biking, diving, and rain.

There is a saucer-shaped aquifer under the Big Island of Hawai’i which is warmed by geothermal activity. Sacred Source Hot Springs pumps the heated water from over 500 feet below the Earth’s surface to fill custom made cement tubs for soaking. Some people (cough cough, me) believe the water has special purifying properties which help you skin and soul.

Don’t even try to tell me that’s not true- we need as much belief in soul purity as we can get, in my opinion!

Bath tub faucet Big Island Hot Springs

Sacred Source Hot Springs was the perfect place to recoup from the rain, cold, and activity we’d been having. It’s a community of 6 housing units, a communal living space, and the outdoor hot springs soaking tubs on 30 acres of pristine Hawaiian land right down the street from the active lava flow area.

To be honest, I didn’t even realize they rent out rooms for visitors to stay on site. If I had that would have been where we spent our three days in Pahoa!

Big Island Hot Springs

We found the hot springs experience via AirBnB, which also includes access to the community living space. This place is gorgeous! It’s a giant, open building with a custom made wooden dining room table, an aerial yoga sling, musical instruments, books, comfortable couches, floor tea service, hanging plants, a reading loft, and just about any other spiritually healing element you could think of. I felt rejuvenated just walking in. I can’t even imagine how relaxing it would be to spend extended periods of time reading on those couches with the uninterrupted view of the Hawaiian rain forest!

Comfortable living room Big Island Hot Springs

Wooden dining room table Big Island Hot Springs

Outdoor Space

After spending some time in the living space we were shown the outdoor prep area for the hot springs. There is a fully covered outdoor shower, two toilet rooms, and outdoor sinks and mirrors to help you clean up before or after entering the tubs. It’s a beautiful area, which really sets the stage for the luxury of sitting in those tubs!

Outdoor bathroom Big Island Hot Springs

Sacred Source Hot Springs

Around the corner from the bathroom (and hidden from view of anyone driving in) are the main feature of the community: 8 hot tubs which fill with water directly from the underground aquifer. Oh. My. Word. Heaven. I could hardly wait the few minutes it took our tub to fill!

cement tubs big island hot springs

Outdoor bath tubs Big Island Hot Springs

There was plenty of room in the standard tubs for Ben and I to both lay in. It was relaxing, romantic, and healing. The heated water felt so great on our sore muscles, and being in the deep tub was a fun experience for us!

Seriously, I can’t imagine how nice it would be to sleep on the grounds and have access to those tubs anytime.

Time machine, anyone? Anyone?

Stone heart on the ground Big Island Hot Springs

You can find their complete listing of rooms here. 

You can book their Sacred Source Hot Springs experience here. 

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*Our Big Island hot springs experience was complimentary for publication consideration, but our opinions are all our own.*


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  • Linda

    What a dream vacation! Sounds so relaxing.

  • Karen

    This looks so unbelievably relaxing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rhonda

    Oh my word I could go for something like this right! This place looks like you’re just relaxing on cloud 9.

  • Vicky

    This sounds incredible, and so relaxing!

  • Doreen

    Oh! I know I would love this place! It sounds very relaxing and romantic!

  • Michelle

    I *always* love reading your posts because they really make me feel like I am travelling the world. A hot springs is on my bucket list of things to visit in my lifetime, they sound so relaxing. I’m going to have to visit here at some point in my life.

    Great post! x


  • Corretta

    How relaxing! I am definitely going here on my next trip to the big island!

  • Brittany

    My boyfriend and I are constantly looking for miscellaneous places to add to our travel bucket list and I’m so glad I found your post on this spot… it’s definitely going on the list! If I could buy a ticket to Hawaii right now, I would!

  • Sydney

    This looks amazing! I need a vacation ASAP

  • LamBam

    What a dream vacation ! This sounded and look so exciting 👍👍👍👍

  • Jen @Jenron Designs

    Oh I wish I had know about this when we went did our Hawaiian Cruise. This looks fantastic!!! I so want to go back so I will add this to must do list.

  • Nicole

    I am a bath lover! I could take a bath every single day – it’s the reason we got a hot tub. This place sounds like bliss. The only thing better than soaking in hot water is soaking in hot water from a naturally heated mineral spring – I’m with you on the soul rejuvenating properties of hot springs 🙂

  • Darcy

    Hot springs (or even a hot bath!) sounds delightful! I’m totally jealous, I have a shower-only bathroom.

  • Cha

    It looks like a nice place to relax with family. I love to soak my self with heated water.

  • Natalie

    Wow this looks heavenly! Soooo jealous. My husband and I are in dire need of a (kid-free) vacation, haha.

  • Joelle

    This looks amazing! We visited some hot springs at a resort in Colorado and it was the most lovely weekend. When we get to Hawaii, this will definitely be on my list!

  • Leigh

    I love these! just imagining all the cool photos we can take! We haven’t visited Hawaii yet but Im putting this on our list to do when we do go!

  • Brandi Michel

    This trip looks amazing! Wow, I wish I could crawl into one of those outdoor hot springs right now! Beautiful photos.

  • chantel knight

    Oh, this is absolutely breathtaking. I would to spend even just one day there. I don’t know how a person couldn’t feel relaxed and rejuvenated after just a single day. I wanna go!

  • katie

    The property looks amazing! It has such a warm and welcoming vibe. I think that if I stayed there I would never want to leave.

  • Anissa

    I love your reviews and Facebook posts. You’re definitely making me want to give this air bnb a try! I’ve never heard of it until a month ago. The tub looks relaxing !

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