The Top 16 Things to Know Before Traveling to Hawaii

The islands of Hawai’i aren’t just famous, they’re infamous. Everyone with a T.V. feels familiar with it because there’s practically no show or movie that hasn’t featured Hawaii in some way.

I, for one, almost didn’t feel the need to go because I’ve been getting hit in the head with the Hawai’i stick for so long that it just feels… well, boring. Like there’s nothing beyond white beaches and hula dancing. Not that there’s anything wrong with soft sand and grass skirts, but, seriously. Is that it? Thanks, Hollywood.

I was pleasantly and surprised and sometimes confused about what the real Hawai’i actually has to offer.

After spending time on three of the major islands here’s my definitive list of the top 16 things to know before traveling to Hawai’i! 

1. Bring Cash.

Many places don’t run internet through their stores or restaurants to accept credit cards. If you plan on traveling around to any less touristy areas you’ll want to keep plenty of cash on hand, just in case!

2. Uber is available, but not allowed everywhere.

There are strict laws in Hawai’i about how much incidental insurance cars for hire are supposed to have to drive passengers in certain places. We had to call a taxi to take us off the Kauai airport property, for instance, because Uber drivers are required to carry $400,000 of insurance to drive commercially on the premises. We hadn’t expected to spend $21 right away just to get out of the airport!

3. Chicken and roosters. Are. EVERYWHERE.

Wild rooster Top 16 things to know before traveling to hawaii
Wild rooster in Kauai, Hawaii

They are more common on some islands than others, but all islands have wild chickens and roosters. They are harmless, but you’ll have to keep watch for them when driving and expect to hear crowing at all hours of the day. Hello, Hei Hei! (Moana, in case that needed to be explained.)

4. One-lane bridges.

This really felt like island culture to me. There are plenty of one-lane bridges on smaller islands with a sign at both ends asking drivers to respectfully watch for oncoming traffic before entering, and to kindly allow 5-7 cars to pass before entering. And you know what? I think their system works.

5. Expect rain.

Couple stands in the rain Top 16 things to know before traveling to hawaii
Standing in the rain in Volcano, Big Island

So bring a raincoat or umbrella (or check with your hotel in case they provide some) with you everywhere you go. But don’t worry, the rain won’t last all day! Unless you’re there during the rainy season or in the rainforest areas. Then, yeah, it’ll rain all day.

6. Don’t expect to be showered in leis.

As stupid as it sounds this was a big let down for me! Every. Single. Time. I saw people on T.V. go to Hawai’i they were always shown being crowned with a lei as often as possible: getting off of a plane, checking in to their hotel… “Aloha! Welcome to Hawai’i! Here are some more flowers!” Well, you can be pampered with a lei at those times but YOU HAVE TO ARRANGE FOR IT IN ADVANCE. I don’t know how to contact them because we didn’t know we needed to, but we did see agencies at the airport or other touristy places that will send a greeter to meet you with a lei. Certain nice hotels may give you a lei upon arrival, but don’t expect it.

As sad as I was (especially considering we were there over Valentine’s Day) to not be showered in leis, I actually understand why they don’t. Specific flowers are stranded by hand for these leis, which can become an expensive process.

7. Every island has different weather.

So don’t bother checking your weather app for “Hawai’i” and expect to actually get that weather. Not only does each island have it’s own weather pattern, different sides of each island have different weather. There is a “wet” side and a “dry” side to the islands, so check carefully for the exact cities you’ll be visiting when packing that rain jacket!

8. A meal is considered “Hawaiian” as long as it comes with rice and macaroni salad.

You’ll find true Hawaiian dishes like Loco Moco, Poke Bowls, Spam Musubi, etc., but even a deli sandwich or roast beef is considered “Hawaiian” as long as it’s served with a mound of white rice and macaroni salad. We love eating local food when we travel, but 8/10 times when we searched for Hawaiian restaurants we got relatively normal food with rice and macaroni salad.

9. It’s not easy to find gas!

Outside of highly populated cities you’ll have a hard time finding gas. Many gas stations only have one gas station, and there may not be any on the highways that bisect islands. Do some research before taking a road trip to be adequately prepared.

10. Don’t expect good internet or cell service.

Man working at a computer top 16 things to know before traveling to hawaii

Just don’t. If you do get good internet, consider yourself lucky and try not to gloat: down the street there’s likely some poor guy not able to join his conference call.

11. Meal portions are for Polynesian men.

Plan to share a meal, whenever possible! The portions are HUGE. If you’re still hungry after sharing a dish then go out for some malasadas (Portuguese donuts) afterwards.

12. Food trucks. They love food trucks!

We saw more food trucks in one place in Hawaii than we have anywhere else! Be grateful. Unless it’s raining.

13. Hawaii is a collection of many cultures, not just one.

It’s easy to assume that Hawaii is full of Japanese heritage, and it is, but that’s not the only one. You’ll find lots of Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Tonga, Samoa, and other cultures represented in the food and people. If you are open to it, you can learn more about the world in this one place than you expected.

14. Don’t ask for Hawaiian pizza.

Just because you add pineapple to something doesn’t mean it’s part of Hawaiian culture. We heard from many different sources that pizza employees laugh at tourists who ask for Hawaiian pizza.

15. SHAVE Ice. Not shaveD ice.

Hawaiian rainbow shave ice Top 16 things to know before traveling to Hawaii

You will  want to eat this delicious, flaky, syrupy treat as often as possible, but if you ask for “shaved” ice you’ll get laughed at. In fact, many locals of the Big Island even call it Ice Shave!

16. The coastline is not all white, sandy beaches.

White truck parked at the ocean Top 16 things to know before traveling to Hawaii
Ka’ena Point, Oahu

You’ll definitely see some beautiful white beaches on the older islands (O’ahu, Maui) but others, like the Big Island, are too new to have developed white sand. Even on the old islands you’ll find a lot of coastline is made of rocky cliffs or black lava rock. It’s really beautiful and fun to play on, just don’t expect to lounge out unless you do some research.


I was frustrated at first to realize that Hawaii was different than I expected, but it didn’t take long for me to find the beautiful, adventurous side I was looking for. Hawaii is an incredible place with lots to offer! It’s just best to be prepared with healthy expectations for the various places you may want to go.

Keep these things in mind and you’re sure to have a great trip to Hawaii with the best expectations!

Planning a trip to Hawaii? Here are the top 16 things to know before traveling to Hawaii!


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  • Edith Cecilia Moreno

    Great post. I love Hawaii. Planning to head back there this summer. My favorite part of Oahu is the North Shore & Lanikai – it’s a dream!

  • Lori Geurin

    What, no leis? I always thought this was a given too. I guess it just shows that real life isn’t like the movies. This post is so informative and interesting. My husband and I hope to go to Hawaii someday and knowing these tips should definitely help – thanks!

  • Alyssa

    Great tips. I always bring a bit of cash when I travel but would not have been prepared to not be able to use credit cards. Thabks in advance for saving me from that mistake!

  • Leigh Suznovich

    We are dying to go to Hawaii, so this is incredibly helpful. Especially about the food, I sure don’t want to be laughed at for ordering Hawaiian pizza!

  • Arielle Joy

    I’ve only been to Hawaii once and that was back when I was in high school so it’s been about 12 years since I’ve been. We went on Spring Break and the weather wasn’t the best. Great warning about the rain

  • Erica

    Great post! Makes me want to hop a plane right now! I’ll definitely keep this info in my back pocket for my next trip to Hawaii.

  • Lisa

    We love Hawaii, there is no place on earth quite as beautiful. Can’t wait to go back a more knowledgeable after reading your post!

  • LamBam

    This is a great post ! I have never been to Hawaii before but planning to go soon . Amazing post 🌸🌸

  • Stacy Karyn

    Love this!! Super good to know about the Hawaiian pizza and meal sizes! 😀

  • Nicole

    Great tips to keep in mind when travelling to Hawaii.

  • DD's blog

    I have a big wish to see Hawaii and their beauties.. This is such an amazing and helpful guide, I hope you had a great time and create unforgetable memories 🙂

  • Alex Davis

    I love Hawaii. You are totally right you have to always have to expect rain. I was there for 3 days and it rained each day.

  • Susan

    This sounds a divine holiday. Oh I’d love to travel here, fingers crossed one day. Hilarious about the chickens and macaroni salad, definitely something the guide books don’t mention.

  • reshama

    i cant wait to go now!! We visited Maui a while back and can so relate to the tips here. I do want to go see the other islands, so this is such a great reminder of the uniqueness of the culture. Thanks for sharing!

  • adriana

    Great tips! I’ve been to Maui and O’ahu but not the other islands, so I’m glad you shared this! I’m planning a big trip back and want to hit the Big Island even though I’ll be staying in Maui. And about the Shave Ice – YES! Haha!

  • Amy Kennedy

    My husband and I saved for years for our trip, we wanted to take our two sons (young adults) and make it a once in a lifetime trip. It was more wonderful than we ever dreamed possible, and we have committed to making it happen again. It was truly paradise and while expensive, we had no regrets at all. I am glad its part of my life story. And yes there are lots of chickens, and I saw lots of cats too.

  • Tracey

    This is some amazing tips! I pinned it on my travel board for future reference 🙂 Great post!

  • Ioana Minciu

    I find Hawaii the most amazing place to go, Unfortunately, I don`t know if I will ever have the money to go to such a location, but enjoy looking at tropical places like this.

  • Holly

    I am heading to Oahu in June. Not my first time, I highly recommend Roy’s Ko Olina or Waikiki for Hawaiian food. Spam is also an Hawaiian food. I am fortunate that my son lives there so I don’t need rides but the info is interesting

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