Romantic Volcano, Hawaii Rental Home for Couples

Romantic Volcano, Hawaii Rental Home for Couples

Surrounded by trees in the Hawaiian rainforest is an adorable one-bedroom home. Set back from the road with no close neighbors, it’s privacy and comfort make it the perfect getaway for a couple of lovebirds.

That’s why I’m glad we rented this home for our second night in Volcano, Hawaii.

Volcano, Hawaii Rental Home for Couples

The day we arrived at this home we were soaked through from rain and exhausted from a day of hiking the active lava field in Volcano National Park. The first thing I noticed was how charming the front of the house was. A porch and sunny yellow paint helped us feel at home as soon as we arrived.

A big kitchen I had no intention of actually cooking in was a comforting sight, but I bee-lined for the shower.

Big, clean, and full of different body products, a long, hot shower was exactly what I needed. We’d actually had a hard time finding hot water at different stays in Hawaii, and this particular day I gave a sigh of relief that this home was well equipped.

While I tried to feel like a person again Ben set out to unpack our bags in the walk-in closet off of the bedroom and turn on the made-to-look-antique electric fireplace.  When I finally emerged the small home was warm and inviting. The entire home is open, meaning the kitchen, living room, and bedroom are all within short sight of one another.

Open Living Room Volcano Hawaii Rental Home

Looking around it just felt like home. Well decorated, comfortable, warm, and bright. Just the sort of comfort space you want to come back to after a day exploring volcanoes in the rain forest.

Hawaiian Bedroom Volcano Hawaii Rental Home

And romantic. It felt very romantic.

Patio at Volcano Hawaii Home Rental

What we loved about this Volcano, Hawaii rental home:

  • Secluded
  • Surrounded by gorgeous foliage
  • Great Shower
  • Clean
  • Warm
  • Comfortable Bed
  • Bright
  • Close to Volcano National Park

Book this romantic Volcano, Hawaii rental home for couples through AirBnB here. 


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  1. We enjoy staying in regular homes like these when we go on vacation. Actually save money since many different family members always join us. Cuts down on the cost.

  2. This totally reminds me of the place we stayed in Hana, Maui- I loved staying in such a remote location (and not having to drive back to the main town after a day of adventuring) and fun enough the house looks the same. What a great idea to stay in Volcano. When we visited from Kona, we drove over, went to the National Park (did not hike to the lava) and then had lunch in Volcano. After we drove back to Kona, hitting the black sand beach.

  3. This looks like an idyllic place to stay for a romantic getaway. I really like the cosy feel to it and the lovely views.

  4. I would absolutely love to take my S/o here for at least a week so he can relax. It looks amazing. The decorations are beautiful. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  5. This home is beautiful! Great idea to stay at a home instead of a hotel, definitely a different atmosphere great for couples.

  6. I went to Hawaii (Oahu & Kauai) about 15 years ago with my parents, and I would love to take my kids one day. This looks like the perfect place to stay! Pinned to reference later!

  7. Looks like a great place to stay! I can’t believe you guys had a hard time finding hot water. Oh my! I’m not sure I’d survive without hot water. I’m a freeze baby. Still haven’t made it to Hawaii. Will definitely have to remember Airbnb if we ever do make it there!

  8. This looks amazing. My husband visited Hawaii last year, and I would’ve preferred a home like this over our hotel in the midst of a tourist area. I’ll have to remember to look into this if we ever go back. Beautiful photos!

  9. I believe my friend told me once of a place like this, she described it as “sleeping beside a monster”. While I completely understand her metaphor, I couldn’t imagine missing an opportunity to stay at a beautiful place like this in my lifetime. The interiors even look like they’re made for home comfort. Splendid.

  10. How simply gorgeous gorgeous! Not over done yet quaint. I love all the close outdoor foliage and the patio furniture for enjoying the night or rain, I love rain. Such a beautiful option to rent other than a motel.

  11. This place looks like a small paradise 🙂 This is where I could imagine a perfect honeymoon 😉 I especially love the garden, I love spending my time in the gardens during the holidays.

  12. wow this place would be a dream, I love that is surrounded by the rainforest! It looks so comfortable and the perfect place to be based when exploring Volcano, Hawaii!

  13. I love renting properties on vacation to get away from the hotels and tourist drama. So fun to get away and just relax. Beautiful photos. Great post. I’d love to go there.

  14. That place sounds perfect! Don’t you love AirBnB? I have yet to have a bad experience. It looks like the kind of place where you could really feel at home.

  15. Wow this looks like such a beautiful rental! I love renting out homes more than hotels because it gives you a better feel of what the area is actually like. You also get more space lol. Great post.

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