Meanwhile in Hawaii: Photos that tell the other side of the story

Honeycombs on Big Island Hawaii The Unseen Side of Hawaii

There are certain things everyone thinks of when they hear Hawaii. Pineapples, sunshine, sandy beaches, happy people.

Those things are all true, but it’s not the whole truth.

Here are some pictures of things you probably wouldn’t expect from Hawaii. The dirtier, rainier, busier side. Luckily for Hawaii every angle is flattering, at least!

Meanwhile in Hawai’i…

Hawaii In A Rainstorm







Honeycombs on Big Island Hawaii The Unseen Side of Hawaii

Black and White cars in Hawaii unseen Side of Hawaii




Woman holds Musubi Honolulu, Hawaii cooking class




Road Signs at the end of the road Hiking the active lava field of hawaii

Mango Farm at the Most Romantic Hotel in Hawaii Island


And there you have it. Some extra incentive to see this amazing set of islands right away, and to appreciate it for it’s inner and outer beauty!