Cliff Diving At South Point in Hawaii

Cliff Diving At South Point in Hawaii

Planning a vacation to Hawaii and want some adventure? Visit South Point on the Big Island!


Here’s everything you need to know about cliff diving South Point Hawaii!


One of us is a afraid of heights, the other is not. One guess who is not.

Hence, one of us decided to jump off a 40-foot cliff at the southern most point of the United States. The other one of us screamed for him.

Sitting on a platform cliff diving at south point hawaii

South Point Hawaii


South Point Hawaii is, as it’s name implies, the southernmost point of the big island of Hawai’i.

It also happens to be the southernmost point of the United States, which makes it even cooler.

Following some basic directions to get there, we joined a handful of other sightseers parked in a small dirt lot to see this famous spot.

One reason South Point is famous is the row of cement platforms down the cliff with metal ladders reaching into the ocean.

So why are they there?

The rocky coast prevents smooth boat drops, so originally the ladders helped fishermen lower their boats in and out of the water. For the past few decades, however, people have used the ladders to conquer their fears and the Pacific by cliff jumping into the water below.

As a true thrill seeker, this was one thing we’d heard about and really wanted to do. I was a little more hesitant to jump, and wanted to check it out before I decided. Ben was more excited.


Standing on the platform cliff diving at south point hawaii

The South Point Hawaii Cliff Jump


A small group of travelers were already standing at the platforms. Some taking posed pictures, some admiring the view, other deciding if they were brave enough to jump.

Ben immediately picked the jumpers from the crowd and started a conversation psyching each other up to go. Sure enough, Ben convinced 4 others to jump before he did!

It was fun watching others get themselves ready and stand at position, then jump as far as they could into the 5-story drop amidst a group of onlookers. It’s a pretty gutsy move, considering signs now dot the area warning people not to jump due to recent fatalities and injuries.

To not only choose to jump this distance but to ignore warning signs all in front of strangers who’ve decided your moment is their moment and are filming you? Not for me. But it was for Ben.

By the time Ben was set up to jump I was one of the crowd goading him on. It only seemed fair- he’d been there encouraging everyone else! It was actually kind of fun to cat call at him and tease him for hesitating in front of these new friends. Don’t worry, I was teased right back for not being woman enough to jump myself. What can I say? I’m a rule follower (most of the time) and we had to ensure that at least one of us returns to Whit!

Ben’s cliff jump was over in a second, and he played joyfully in the water before making the climb back up on the metal ladder.

He was out of sight for most of his climb up due to the steep cliff angle, but we could see the ladder shift and move under his weight.

Many reported that climbing back up the ladder was harder than getting the nerve to jump in the first place, because it moves and become slippery. At this point it’s also rusted over in places, and Ben was nervous that it may break at any point.

climbing up the ladder cliff diving at south point hawaii

Once at the top he was greeted with high-fives and congratulations from his fellow jumpers and onlookers. I think he enjoyed the attention and was on an adrenaline high, because he said, “You know, it was so fun I think I’ll go again!” and just ran off the edge a second time!

This time I couldn’t control myself. I felt like  was plummeting down, too, and just started screaming. When he emerged a few seconds later I yelled down, “You just gave me a heart attack!” to which everyone around us laughed.

The Best Part of Cliff Jumping


It was exhilarating watching Ben and the others do this incredible thing, but I think my favorite part was how everyone standing around became connected by adventure and empathy.

Before someone started to jump we were all just waiting our turn for a good picture spot, but then we all became one while watching people take their lives into their own hands. It was an incredible shared experience, and we even exchanged e-mail addresses with a few people.

I love how our shared experiences can bring people together!

And as for the cliff dive, I’m glad Ben survived.


What to Know Before Cliff Diving South Point:

  • Accounts vary as to how high the jump is. It’s safe to say the jump is between 30-60 feet, with 40 or 50 feet being the most common guess.
  • There are signs warning people NOT to jump because there have been jump fatalities. You are jumping at your own risk!
  • The coast is very rocky, but the water is at least 20 feet deep so there are no concerns of hitting rocks at the bottom.
  • The metal ladders are occasionally maintained, but erode quickly due to the ocean salt water. People have a harder time climbing up the ladders than jumping off the cliff, and often come back up with cuts around the body caused by the rusty ladder rungs.
  • Be nice! You may not agree with cliff jumping or you may have opinions on people doing it, but those choosing to jump need a great deal of confidence to do so and they need support, not insults.
  • The famous Green Sand Beach and the true southernmost point in the US are right beside the cliff dive, so do a little bit of planning and see those places, too!




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  1. Nope Nope Nope… My hands were actually sweating watching this! Maybe the impending doom signs make it scary… he sounded like it was fun but I am certain I wouldn’t be flying off a cliff if I were there… although I likely would be an encouraging on looker lol! loved this!

  2. Sounds like something my husband would do too haha. What a rush I bet! I’m just like you though. Total rule follower. I would just stay up there and soak up the view haha. Such a fun experience to read along to 🙂

  3. What a great moment! I love it when strangers become a tribe during a shared experience. So awesome! I would not have jumped….but would cheer on my 4 kids who I know would all jump! LOL

  4. Oh no way, I would definitely not make a jump like this. Heights are not my friend. I am very glad your Ben was alright and had the chance to take his jump, Did you also take this jump Susannah?

  5. NOPE!! No! Nuh-uh. Not I, thank you very much! I remember standing twenty feet from the edge of the Grand Canyon while my husband acted like a freakin’ mountain goat. No, thank you!

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