It’s a Jungle Out There | Week 32 Abroad

It’s a Jungle Out There | Week 32 Abroad

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You know what Sabah has? The oldest rain forest in the world.

You know where we just spent most of the past week? In the rain forest.

You know what you can’t find in the rain forest? Internet.

You know what we’ve become pretty dependent on? The internet.

We had a really eye-opening experience spending 5 days in the rain forest of Sabah, Malaysia. We took $13 flights from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan, then transfer vans to the towns of Sepilok and Kinabantangan where we learned all about the rare wildlife of Borneo.

Our two days in Sepilok were spent at a jungle lodge near the world-renowned Orangutan Rehabilitation Center. We learned so much about life in the jungle and the animals which call Borneo home. It’s one of only two places in the world where orangutans live, and the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center is doing incredible work helping orphaned and hurt orangutans learn how to survived in the wild.



One thing we do as traveling homeschoolers is find opportunities for Whit learn from the places we visit. We thought the SORC would be the perfect substitution for a formal lesson that day, since learning about the animals and how they live and grow fits into a variety of school subjects. Well, Whit had other plans. He just couldn’t focus on the super cool orangutans playing right in front of us, or on the facts we learned about them.


After 2 days in Sepilok we took another transfer van to the town of Kinabatangan, where we spent 3 days at a jungle lodge on the Kinabatangan River. The Kinabatangan river is home to orangutans, Proboscis monkeys, other primates, Pygmy elephants, tons of tropical birds, crocodiles, and more. What the Kinabatangan river doesn’t have are roads, restaurants, cars, or internet. This meant that we spent three days just at this resort, with rides down the river searching for rare wildlife as our main means of entertainment.


preparing for a kinabatangan river tour sandakan malaysia


Don’t get me wrong, the river was amazing and it felt great to see rare animals in the wild, but after 5 days of nothing but jungle, animals, and drizzle we were ready to pull our hair out.

It’s especially hard to run a business from the jungle. Ben couldn’t get enough cell phone service to hotspot internet to his computer to run our Amazon store, and I was barely able to connect long enough to update our social media accounts or begin new travel articles.

Not only was it difficult to stay entertained and keep ourselves from worrying about work during the day, we had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. Linens tend to get humid in the rain forest, and there’s very little water pressure or warm water to take a relaxing shower. Plus there are roosters.

Why are there always roosters?



Me + no connection to the outside world + poor sleep = not good.

Sorry, that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.