Most Unique Date Night Ideas in Calgary, Alberta

View of Downtown Calgary Unique Date Night Ideas Calgary things to do in calgary

When we scheduled a week in Calgary, Alberta we had no idea what to expect. We were so pleasantly surprised to find tons of unique things to do in Calgary! We were there with our son, but we kept saying that this or that activity would have made the perfect date night.

So here I am, living vicariously through you!

Interested in some romantic things to do in Calgary? Here are the most unique date night ideas for YYC!

Couple holds axes at BATLground BATL axe throwing calgary date night calgary unique things to do in calgary

Yep, axe throwing! BATL is the original home of axe throwing, and they’ve perfected the sport. Schedule a time to meet a coach and spend an hour or so throwing axes toward (and hopefully hitting) targets down fenced-off lanes in their super safe redesigned warehouse. Nothing will help you and your partner feel closer than to share such a new, unique experience together! Get a thrill and share a laugh at BATL!

Contact or Visit: 2151 32nd St. NE, Unit 80  Calgary, AB (587) 747-7606

Aren’t boats so romantic? Go on this river cruise to take in the historic and modern architecture of Calgary and see it from a beautiful angle.  If you’re lucky you might get a cuddle to protect against a windy day!

Contact or Visit: 2526 Sable Dr. SE Calgary, AB (403) 637-3080

Take your date on a night you’ll both love: painting with wine! My husband and I don’t drink, but even visiting Vin Gogh for a couple’s painting night with soda would be fun. You get to tease and learn a new activity while expressing yourselves. There’s no better way to understand someone’s heart and soul than through art!

Contact or Visit: 118-7004 MacLeod Trail SE Calgary, AB (403) 512-5290

Fiasco Gelato Samples Unique Date Night in Calgary Things to do in Calgary

You’re sure to hear about Fiasco Gelato as soon as you step into Calgary. Fiasco is more than a great spot for a sweet treat: it’s also deeply dedicated to helping the community.  You can feel good about what you’re eating and who you’re supporting when you visit Fiasco! Although they are crazy busy making enough gelato to send all over Canada, their flagship store in Calgary also houses a gelato cafe just so they can be even more accessable to locals. There are 3 main ways to enjoy this local treat: simply come for desert, take an official warehouse tour (which comes with tons of samples!), or sign up for one of their Gelato Academy nights. During Gelato Academy you and your partner will learn the history of and how to make gelato, share wine and charcuterie plates, and design your own gelato flavor! Each pair is sent home with 4 pints of your custom flavor, and trading among couples is included. So we’re talking education, wine, cheese, gelato, and fun… That sounds like the perfect couple’s night to me!

Contact or Visit: 221 19 Street SE Calgary, AB (403) 452 3150

River Valley Adventure in Calgary operates tons of sporty tours around Calgary! Biking, snowshoeing, rafting, paddle boarding, and, of course, segway! A couple’s tour of Calgary on segways is one of the most fun ways to see the city. Think outside of the box and enjoy this fun way to get to know someone else and YYC!

Contact or Visit: 403-970-7347,

What better way is there to skip forward in understanding someone than to have dinner in pitch black? Oh my goodness, it’s an amazing experience! When there’s no distractions from phones, other diners, or decor you’re forced to focus on the food and the person sitting across from you. OOoooooooh tres romantic!

Contact or Visit: 731 6 Ave. S.W. Calgary, AB (403) 287-1427

Drop in on dance classes any Wednesday or Thursday to learn to two-step and then head back on Friday or line dancing! All dance classes include drink passes and tons of fun. You’ll love learning such a fun, energetic dance with someone else!

Contact or Visit: 9615 MacLeod Trail South Calgary, AB, (403) 253-1100

couple on the glass bottom floor calgary tower unique date night in calgary things to do in calgary

If you’re in Calgary you’ve seen the famous red-topped Calgary Tower. It’s so synonymous with Calgary it’s almost cliche, but have you actually been there? As soon as you step off the elevator you’re greeted by a glass-bottom floor. It’s sure to give you a bit of a fright, as well as a super unique view of the downtown traffic underneath you! What better way to experience such a unique feeling and a new view of your city than with a loved one?

Contact or Visit: 101 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB (403) 781-8518

I hope you’ve been able to find some romantic things to do in YYC. Enjoy your date night in Calgary!


Looking for romantic things to do in Calgary, Alberta? How about unique days night ideas in Calgary? Here's the best last of days night ideas ever! Go to the Calgary Tower, eat in the dark, take a Segway tour or tour the bow river! There are so many fun things to do in Calgary!



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  • Holly

    Oh how fun…it looks like you had a blast. This is definitely a place worth visiting.

  • Gladys Parker

    Well, now I know where the term ye ole Batl Axe came from! This sounds like an amusing thing to do. I’d love to see the Calvary Tower but, NOT from inside with a glass floor – hello panic attack! I’m sure my adult kids and their spouses would love it.

  • Elizabeth O

    This is a great post, I really like the unique ideas like the gelato academy that sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Jojo Hua

    Ahhh, I’ve seen the axe-throwing thing on a video on Facebook before. It looks crazy! I wish they had that here in London too!

  • Eileen

    I’ve never been Calgary but I’ve always wanted to visit! Love the axe throwing idea!

  • Lisa Rios

    Dark table and Axe throwing sound so unique and amazing! I’d love to do these with my significant other!

  • Daisy

    That river experience sounds absolutely amazing!!! You have so many fabulous choices there to choose from!

  • Hey Sharonoox

    This sounds like a great place to visit. I’ve never been to Calgary but wish to visit someday with my hubs. Balt Axe throwing looks fun. So nice to see you guys have a great time!

  • Priscilla

    Custom flavored gelato and dark table sound like two of the most FUN date ideas ever! nothing is better than trying new sensory experiences like dining in the dark. Great ideas here, thanks for sharing!

  • Britney Kaufman

    Axe throwing!? Now that is totally unique and different compared to going to a shooting range. How cool

  • Geraline Batarra

    Wow! I have never been tried to have a romantic and adventurous date with my husband but these are really a great and cool tips for us. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Nina

    Axe throwing !!!!!!!!! looks like you had so many to choose from 🙂 looks like yous had an awesome and uniquely fun time

  • Brianna

    These suggestions look fun! Maybe if my SO & I ever make it here we can try these things!

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