Hey! We’re the O’Briens!

Ben and I first connected over our shared love of travel. Ben even tricked me for my phone number by asking for tips on a trip he’d already planned! 7 years later we’re happily married with an adventurous 5-year-old, and running our own family business for the flexibility to travel.

After many road trips and vacations, we’re ready to take our life abroad for good! We’re currently planning an extensive 2-year around-the-world adventure. We’ll live for 1-3 months in different cities around the world, using an AirBnB as a home base for our family business and homeschooling abroad.

We’re not perfect, and, as excited as we are, there are also lots of aspects of living abroad and homeschooling abroad as digital nomads that are scary.

Follow our journey and wish us luck!